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As a representational painter, Tracy Quinsey brings about a whimsical shift in her portrayal of animals and figures, departing from strict realism. This artistic pursuit is both challenging and intriguing. If her portraits become excessively detailed, she risks losing her personal vision. On the other hand, straying too far into the realm of fantasy can compromise the essential nature of the depicted animal or figure. Tracy’s ongoing quest revolves around attaining the perfect balance between her imagination and the principles of photo realism. This pursuit serves as the driving force behind each painting, much like the elusive carrot before the mule, always within reach but never quite grasped.

Tracy Quinsey’s success as a painter is rooted in the profound connection viewers develop with her art. The emotional reactions and narratives they create bring her immense joy and constant surprises. Each painting represents a blend of intentional direction and the unforeseen outcomes. Deep within the layers of paint, one may discover discarded images, ideas, and backgrounds akin to submerged relics on a seabed, unlikely to resurface. To explore more of Tracy Quinsey’s art and delve into her artistic journey, you can visit her blog, where her words further illuminate her creative process and inspiration.

The appeal of this creative process lies in the act of changing layers and shifting ideas, as Tracy distills her paintings to their essential narrative elements. While art teachers may emphasize the importance of planning and following a set course, or liken it to a carpenter measuring twice and cutting once, Tracy finds herself unable to work in such a structured manner. She fearlessly obliterates two months’ worth of work, opting to repaint the image with a different vision in order to achieve her own satisfaction.

Tracy Quinsey’s artistic journey is a continual search, a tireless pursuit of self-expression and the exploration of new artistic frontiers. Her paintings invite viewers to delve into the realms of whimsy, where imagination intertwines with reality, creating a captivating experience that transcends traditional boundaries. Through her work, Tracy Quinsey strives to evoke profound emotions and spark a sense of wonder within those who encounter her art.

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Representational painting which explores current social issues or global challenges.

I am a Frankensteiner, which means I use multiple photos and anatomy drawings to create one portrait. I use myself and family to capture a particular gesture.

Yes, with the understanding that I am not a photorealist painter, but a representational expressionist who works to capture an essence rather than accurate photo details.

I use color, objects, and techniques to convey meaning, but ultimately the viewer deciphers personal meaning.

Yes, for many years, I have been mentored by an internationally recognized artist and continue to learn through workshops, experimentation, and daily study.

No, my website is for information only. However, you may contact me using my contact page.

Yes, please see my contact page for more information.

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