The Travellers

The Travellers

“Is there anybody there?” said the Traveller, Knocking on the moonlit door…..

from The Listeners

by Walter de la Mare

The Travellers is a 36 x 48 oil painting that went through a chaotic metamorphosis beginning as a circus theme and ending as a travelling narrative. Originally there was circus tents, floating jack rabbits and the unicycle rider was suspended in the air on a tight rope. There was this beautiful empty hot air balloon rising up in the background. So what happened. Sometimes I get too carried away with the beautiful pieces and forget to keep the focus on the big idea. In my excitement about the circus elements the unicycle rider was relegated to the background. I then realized that she was the key to the narrative and her fellow travellers all had parts to play. Note to self: Don’t get distracted by how beautifully I painted something but keep asking “what is this about?”

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